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Stick-e-NotePad Main Form:

Stick-e-NotePad Main Form











Stick-e-NotePad organizes all types of information into easy to create, find and manipulate Notes & Lists. Those Notes & Lists are grouped into Notepads. This structure provides an intuitive and extremely flexible environment to effectively manage all your information in one location. Sorting, finding and editing your information is quick and easy, because Stick-e-NotePad "puts a handle" on each piece of information for you. Get rid of all those little scraps of paper all over your desk, and those tattered, rewritten "to do" Lists. Let Stick-e-NotePad do the job for you.



Much of the information we deal with today doesn’t fit into neat categories of name/address & phone number, or a simple appointment. We have projects, technical articles, PINs, tech support notes, serial #s and tech support phone #s, web addresses, ideas, etc… This type of information doesn’t fit well in today’s personal information managers. Putting all this information in a spreadsheet or text document makes it difficult to find and arrange the information to best suit your needs. The free form design of Notes & Lists in Stick-e-NotePad make it an ideal solution to easily manage all this information in one convenient place and find it quickly and easily when you need it.

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Stick-e-NotePad - List page displayed











Besides freeform Notes, Stick-e-NotePad allows you to create simple Lists. How often do YOU create Lists? You have a shopping List, a work project List, a "to do" List etc… Everyday, some items are completed, some items are added, and all items may be reprioritized. After a couple of days, with all the scratch marks and arrows, you end up wasting time rewriting the List! With Stick-e-NotePad, you can manage as many Lists as you wish, add/insert new items into the List wherever you want, mark off completed items, and easily reprioritize the items in your List. When you have completed an item, you can delete it, move it to the bottom of the list, or, better yet, cut it from the current List, and paste it into a "completed List" to maintain a record of what you have done! Try doing that with all those Lists on a little pieces of paper. And, when you need to, you can print out the entire List, or only selected items from the List. Keep a List for phone messages, work tasks, shopping … You can maintain as many as you wish, and even share and move items between different Lists.

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All Notes & Lists are organized as pages in NotePads. This allows you to group Notes and Lists together in an arrangement that makes sense to you. Each Note & List has a name, which is used to identify & sort it within the NotePad. All Note & List names are available to you all the time via the NotePad Explorer, or a drop down List. Just click on the item you want to view or edit, and it will be displayed for you instantly, ready to be edited. There is no opening, editing, and saving each item you work with. Your Stick-e-NotePad works just like your regular paper based NotePad. When you turn to the page, it’s ready to be "written on," when you make changes, they stay there until you change the info again, and when you open a different Note or List, all changes you made are immediately saved in the background. You can create as many NotePads as you wish, and freely move Notes & Lists between them, filing the pages as you see fit. You can open any NotePad you wish just like you open a Note or List, by simply clicking on it in the NotePad Explorer, or from the drop down list of NotePads. Once a NotePad is opened, all Notes and Lists in that NotePad are immediately ready for your viewing or editing. This structure makes it easy to find, organize and move around all your information quickly and easily.

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The NotePads, are grouped together in a Binder, which is a file at the operating system level. The name of the Binder is also the name of the file. Because this binder is a file, you can share it with other people. You can create as many binders as you wish just like you can create as many spreadsheets or documents, and those binders can contain only the information you want. You can copy/cut & paste Notes, Lists or NotePads from one binder to another (using the clipboard or via drag/drop) . This makes it easy to distribute or share ONLY the information you want. By creating a new binder, and only dropping into it the pieces of information you wish, you can share that information easily via e-mail, posting the file on the network, or by floppy or CD. Keep a binder for work, one for home, one for each project you are working on… Whatever works for you.

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Stick-e-NotePad Find Utility












Search for ANY text, anywhere in your Binder. Put some keywords in your Note or List relating to the topic, and when you do a search, you can be sure that the item will be found. The more information you put in, the more powerful the search, and your Stick-e-NotePad become.

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Stick-e-NotePad monthly view of alarms - Note how a tooltip displays for all alarms set for a particular day as the mouse moves over the day.









You may attach any number of alarms to each Note or List. Periodically remind yourself of relevant information, never forget a birthday or special occasion again. Snooze your alarms to pop up later. You can track all upcoming alarms on a convenient calendar, and you can even track the alarms which popped up in a log, or have them automatically deleted. If you come across an interesting article or information you may need for an upcoming project , say, in 3 months, make a note, set an alarm for "in 3 months", and forget it. When the time is right, the information will pop up for you! If it’s a little early, snooze it for as long as you wish, as many times as you wish. Alarms keep everything fresh in your mind, exactly when you need it!

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Ever wish you could keep the same information in 2 or more places at once? You can create a clone of a Note or List in as many NotePads as you wish. When the NotePad is open, you can edit that Note or List, and your changes immediately show up in ALL clones of that Note or List.

Use color for better organization:

Each Note or List can be 1 of 5 colors. This color can be used to organize Notes & Lists in ways you find meaningful. You can even sort Notes & Lists by color, which groups all your Notes & Lists according to color, then sorts them alphabetically. Notes & Lists can also be sorted alphabetically by name, ascending or descending, and by date/time created in ascending or descending order.

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Form to create Report Layouts

Printing your Notes and Lists is easy and flexible. You can create and save report layouts describing exactly the way you want your information to look, specifying report headers, date time stamp, page numbering, outlining, shadows, fonts and even which printer to send the job to. Print a single Note or List, all Notes & Lists in a NotePad, selected Notes or Lists in a NotePad, selected items within 1 List, and even selected text anywhere within any Note or List. Specify which Layout to use at Print time right on the form! You can even print out the results of a search, giving you greater ability to select items in several different NotePads at once.

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All Notes, Lists and NotePads which are deleted are placed into the Recycle Bin first. From there, they can be restored or permanently destroyed.

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  • Shortcut keystrokes, selection and navigation with the keyboard and mouse all adhere to Windows standards, so you can quickly get up to speed by using what you already know.
  • All items have context sensitive menus (right click menus) making it very easy and quick to perform tasks.
  • Single level UNDO functionality reverses actions you didn’t want to perform, or those which you didn’t like the effects of.
  • Full clipboard and OLE Drag & Drop support makes sharing information between Stick-e-NotePads and other Windows applications quick and easy.
  • Highly customizable main interface, and individual user preferences make the same program tailor itself to each individuals needs and preferences. Over 50 personal preferences can be set for each user account.

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  • Share Data on a network, full support for UNC and mapped network folders.
  • Share user’s settings on a network, so no matter which PC you log into, all your preferences can follow you around.
  • Can be easily set up for several people using the same computer as well.
  • Preferences will be set, and alarms will pop up ONLY for the logged in user. 2 or more users can have different alarms set up for the same data. You’ll only see and be able to edit your own alarms.
  • All UNC paths are automatically resolved based on your location, making peer to peer networking as easy as client server.
  • Supports simultaneous multi-user access to Binders across a network. (The first user gets read-write access, and all others have read-only access.)
  • Specify templates for Report Layouts and configuration settings for all new accounts created.
  • Administers can create accounts, set up workgroups, and move users files anywhere on the network with Stick-e-NotePad administration tools.

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  • Binders can be password protected &/or encrypted for security purposes.
  • Login can support passwords, securing your alarm and other configuration data.

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