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Welcome to Fusionpoint Online Product Registration

Register/Unlock a copy of Fusionpoint Stick-e-NotePad I already purchased.
Click here if you have a full version licensed copy of the program, and want to register to obtain an unlock code. If you have already registered and require an additional or replacement unlock code, see the options below.

Purchase/Unlock a trial copy of Fusionpoint Stick-e-NotePad.
Click here if you have a trial copy of the program, and want to purchase a license, and obtain an unlock code.

Purchase/Unlock an ADDITIONAL copy of Fusionpoint Stick-e-NotePad.
Click here if you have already purchased, registered & unlocked a copy of the program, and you want to purchase & unlock an additional copy of the program for another computer.
Note: Stick-e-NotePad is licensed per machine. To be eligible to purchase additional licenses & unlock codes at a substantial discount, the computer must either be a home computer, or another computer primarily used by you (laptop). Additional license pricing is NOT available to businesses purchasing multiple copies of the software. Businesses should call for Volume License pricing.

Reinstall/Unlock a copy of Fusionpoint Stick-e-NotePad I already purchased & registered.
Click here if you already purchased and unlocked a copy of the software, but due to a disk crash, upgrade or other circumstance, you have to reinstall the software.


I want to order a Disk & Manual...

If you want to order the trial version of Stick-e-NotePad on CD with the manual just to try it out, or if you haven't downloaded the program yet & want to order the CD, manual & retail license, click here.

Note: If you wish, you can save the cost of the media (Manual & CD), shipping & handling. Download and install the trial version for free. When you are done, return to this page and purchase & register your copy. Stick-e-NotePad is distributed as trialware. There is no difference between the trial & full versions of the software. The full version of the software is simply an unlocked trial version.

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