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SIMPLE MultiLine MultiStation Caller ID for small business

  • Know who's calling BEFORE you pick up the phone! Save time by avoiding calls you don't want to take, or avoid being caught off guard for important calls.
  • Know when OTHERS are on the phone, with whom, and for how long.
  • Caller ID for ALL your phone lines at ALL your workstations.
The problem: (MultiLine Caller ID is too expensive or complicated)
Caller ID and Caller ID appliances are primarily designed for a single phone line in a single location. If you have a small business, you will typically have 2 to 6 phone lines in 2 to 16 different locations. If you need to monitor more than one line for Caller ID, or to view the information in more than one place at a time, you would need a Caller ID box for EACH line at EACH location. The other alternative is a relatively new phone system which supports CID and the correct upgrade. Even this doesn't integrate with your PC for added functionality.

What is NetCaller ID?  A software program which lets you connect as many 2 or 6 line caller ID hardware boxes to ANY workstation or server on your network (through serial port), and it monitors and broadcasts ALL incoming and outgoing call activity to all workstations on the Network. The "Receiver" program displays the status of any line(s) you wish to monitor in real time. Always know whose calling, no matter how many phone lines you have, where they are connected on your network, or how many workstations require the information.

NOTE: NetCaller ID is a smart application.  NetCaller ID software synchronizes  with ALL other copies of itself on the LAN and broadcasts ONE signal to all receiver programs on the LAN. You are NOT limited to 1 Caller ID hardware box on your LAN nor will you have to worry about 2 Caller ID devices conflicting with each other. NetCaller ID handles it all.

  • Bundled Hardware/Software solution packages will be available
  • Detailed phone call log generated of BOTH incoming AND outgoing calls. (date/time, I/O, name, #, duration & telco line)
  • Log format in DBF file which means EASY development of CALL ACCOUNTING programs. We'll even consider your custom development needs
  • Developer toolkits will also be available to easily integrate multiline Caller ID into YOUR database app

*NOTE: All Caller ID software requires Caller ID service from your phone company in order to function.

Also requires at least 1 Windows 95/NT 4.0sp3 PC with available serial port and 1- 2 or 6 line compatibe Caller ID hardware. Network requires NetBuei protocol. TCP/IP versions should  also be available shortly after the product's initial release. 

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